Creator of your japan dream


Japan is a country that evokes your senses and Sogo Universal Travel will make your tour to the Land of the Rising Sun a memorable life time experience. Our thorough and comprehensive range of packages will bring you to the places you want to be.

  • Group Package

    This package includes the must see popular tourist spots and various magnificent sight seeing spots. Group package can be catered to the number of people in the group, theme, duration and desired destinations. The possibilities are endless, don't stop dreaming.

  • Corporate Incentive Package

    For the corporate incentive package, arrangements can be made for exclusive tours, specialty restaurants and many other arrangements to reward your staff or give your clients a special dream treat.

  • FIT (Free Individual Travel)

    If your dream Japan tour is to have the luxury of traveling at your own pace, we can arrange for accommodation and private transport with a driver-guide, conversant in Mandarin and English.

  • Gourmet Cuisine

    Tap on our knowledge of specialty restaurants and we will bring you to places for an exquisite experience in Japan cuisine.

  • Students Cultural Exchange Programme

    While the students and teachers immerse in the Japan culture, we will take care of your transportation and accommodation to ensure that the trip will be fulfilling and hassle free.

  • Japan Science and Technology Tour

    With the advent of Japan science and technology, we can arrange for exclusive tours with Japan's major science and technology companies to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Whether you are a student or representing your corporation, this tour will be a fascinating eye opener to our technology in the future.

  • Environmental Science Study Trip

    Japan has made available her expertise on various environmental issues. Following various major disasters that hit Japan, such as the Kobe earthquake in 1995 which cost Japan $102.5 billion in damage, efforts have been made to share their knowledge in disaster risk management.

    Efforts have also been made to share Japan's waste recycling and destruction technologies, such as Kitakyushu, Japan's first eco town project that aims to achieve zero waste. With that, Japan has achieved the status of being the first Asian country that has solved almost all of Persistent Organic Pollutant's destructive problems.

    This will be a significant knowledge sharing experience for students, policy makers, professionals and relief organizations as well as those interested to learn more.

  • Festivals Tour Package

    Japan is a fascinating country that boosts of colourful festivals. We can enhance your experience of enjoying the festival with special touch. Imagine dressing up in Japanese robe, Yukata and watch the spectacular fireworks display. You dream it, we create it.