Creator of your japan dream

About Us

Sogo Universal Travel is the creator of your Japan dream. We can turn your dream Japan tour into reality.

Established since 1997, and located at the heart of Japan, Tokyo, we are proud to offer you our thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed packages based on your desires. The packages range from customized tours, small and big group tours, to specialized tours for incentive and corporate groups.

You are in good hands with our dedicated pool of international staff (from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam to Thailand and Philippines). With their local cultural background, they can understand your needs well and serve you with a personal touch. After all, our mission is to be your bridge to Japan, no matter which part of the world you come from.

With our extensive network of various Japan hospitality services and years of experience, we have the local expertise to materialise your dream Japan holiday, whether it's standard tour packages to customized tours such as theme travel, romantic getaway to cultural exchange tours.

And this is how we turn your dream Japan tour into reality.

Inbound Tours

Sogo Universal Travel is one of the most experienced inbound tour operator in Japan's tourism industry. With our passion and commitment, and backed by more than ten years of experience, we have established a reputable standing in the tourism industry.

We firmly believe that Japan is an unparalleled tourist destination with her extraordinary charms. It is with this faith that propels us to dedicate ourselves to the tourism industry. We hope that with our local expertise and love for the Land of the Rising Sun, our overseas visitors can witness for themselves Japan's captivating beauty through our eyes.

With that in mind, we constantly develop exclusive tourist packages, and customised packages can be made to fit your interests and needs: whether it is historical site visits, cultural exploration, technology exchange, gourmet tour or various themed tours, our professional team will devote themselves to meticulous planning to ensure that everything – from itinerary to pricing, satisfies your needs. At the same time, we strive to provide a one stop reception service for tour groups as well as free and easy visitors – from visa applications, air tickets, hotel reservation, transport and meals arrangements to tour itinerary. All these will be diligently taken cared of to ensure that you can embrace Japan's unique cultural charms without a care.

As we are dedicated to boosting Japan's inbound tour industry, Sogo Universal Travel has set her sights on the world, and actively partnering with tour operators world wide. Currently we are providing a comprehensive range of inbound tour services for about 200 international tour operators. At the same time, we have been awarded as the sole agent to Japan's second largest airline – Japan ANA Airlines for their tour packages.

Sogo Universal Travel strives to live up to its motto: Professional Services, Customers first, Dedicated team work. We have been constantly evolving over the years, actively working with overseas tour operators and develop excellent tour packages. We sincerely look forward to serving you a memorable picture perfect Japan tour.